Welcome to Intrinsic Health! Our goal is to help you return to your natural state of health and well being through the use of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, a gentle hands-on method for balancing the body and allowing it to function normally.

Most people seek out Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine because they have back or neck pain, but it can have many other uses and benefits. For example, It can help with headaches, recurrent sinus infections, TMJ, fibromyalgia and digestive problems.

Newborn babies often need treatment after the delivery process. Treating little ones with frequent ear infections can prevent the need for recurrent use of antibiotics. Young children tend to fall frequently and they respond well to osteopathic treatment. Teenagers and young adults who participate in contact sports, gymnastics, ballet and other physical activities can prevent problems later in life by seeking osteopathic treatment periodically.

Victoria Bates, D.O.

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